Weekly News Roundup

October 25-31, 2023 : Weekly News Roundup

The news this week focused on the Supreme Court of Canada’s ruling that the Impact Assessment Act has overstepped it’s Federal jurisdiction into Provincial jurisdiction and must therefore be amended. The Impact Assessment Agency of Canada claims it will continue its work on Ring of Fire projects. The Government of Ontario claims that it will fight to expedite big infrastructure projects. The news also covered that the Ontario Superior Court dismissed Neskantaga’s case that asserted the government neglected to perform its constitutional duty to consult with First Nations. This week’s news clearly emphasizes what many know, that justice will not come through the courts.

*This week we stretched our recap to include a few news pieces from the previous week that weren’t included in last week’s news round-up.

Ottawa unveils interim plan for environment agency after court rules it unconstitutional

Ottawa is suspending the environment minister’s authority to force major energy or mining projects to be judged for their environmental impact as one part of a temporary operating plan for the Impact Assessment Agency after the Supreme Court ruled it encroached on provincial jurisdiction. Read more here…

Liberals will amend Impact Assessment Act after Supreme Court found it unconstitutional

Guilbeault issues interim guidance until the government tables and passes amendments

Despite a ruling from the Supreme Court that concluded the law is largely unconstitutional, Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault says the federal government is sticking by its controversial Impact Assessment Act (IAA). Read more here…

Ontario ready to legally rumble with Ottawa over the Ring of Fire

Attorney General wants a shovel-ready province ‘without delay’ on big infrastructure projects

Last week’s Supreme Court of Canada’s ruling that the federal Impact Assessment Act is unconstitutional should clear a regulatory path toward expediting construction of big infrastructure projects, like the proposed Ring of Fire road network,  said Ontario Attorney General Doug Downey in a news release, Oct.24. Read more here…

Ontario court dismisses Neskantaga consultation case

Court rules it has no authority to determine adequate consultation or rewrite provincial legislation

The Ontario Superior court has dismissed a challenge by Neskantaga First Nation and its claim of inadequate consultation on a proposed section of the Ring of Fire road. Read more here…

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