The Attawapiskat River

The Attawapiskat River is under threat from mining development.

The river has been used to to hunt, fish, trap, and travel since time immemorial. Former Chief Peter Moonias describes the river as “the lifeline of our community,” and explains:

“Our people travel all along the Attawapiskat River. Many go to Pym Island, approximately 100 kilometers away. Some families go even further. Some have gone all the way to the mouth of the river at James Bay.”

The Attawapiskat River flows for 748-km in Northern Ontario, from its source in Neskantaga First Nation to its mouth along James Bay at Attawapiskat First Nation.

The river is an important migratory stopover for ducks and geese and its headwaters at James Bay form an important wetland ecosystem for all forms of life.