Ring of Fire Updates Weekly News Roundup

November 19-25, 2019 : Weekly News Roundup

This week’s news centres on the growing resistance on both sides of the border to Noront’s proposed ferrochrome smelter. Protests took place this week in both Sault, Michigan and Sault, Ontario to show Noront that these communities oppose the facility. This week’s articles interview various people organizing against the smelter in the Twin Soos, to hear from them about what motivates them to stand up for the rights and safety of their communities.

November 19, 2019 (The Sault News):

On both sides of the river, resistance mounts over planned smelting plant

“Local barista and LSSU student Tomantha Sylvester is one of two leaders of a Sault, Michigan-based protest group. “I feel that everyone has a responsibility to take care of the earth,” Sylvester explained. “If you are able to stand up against profit over people, then that’s what should be done, so long as it’s done with a good heart. I especially felt a sense of responsibility because of the location and how close we are to each other. We are surrounded by water sources that need to be protected. It’s not something we should be risking, because with any man-made product, it isn’t a matter of ‘if’ something will go wrong, it’s ‘when.’ I’m all for creating jobs, but the long term effects will be detrimental to our ecosystems, animal life, and human health. Ferrochrome is an iron-chromium alloy, which means that chromium is the byproduct. It has been proven that chromium dust settles out of the air, contaminating everything it touches. It isn’t anything that should be messed around with.” Read more here…

November 23, 2019 (Sault Star):

Pollution concerns drives Noront opponents

“Margaret Ross spent years encouraging her son to return to Sault Ste. Marie from southern Ontario when he retires. Noront’s interest in establishing a ferrochrome smelter in the city has cooled her efforts. “You better wait to see what happens,” is her advice to him now. “It took me 10 years to talk him into it and one day to talk him out of it.” The potential smelter prompted the grandmother of five for, the first time in her life, to join a demonstration.” Read more here…

November 23, 2019 (Soo Today):

Rallies in Twin Saults protest plans for ferrochrome plant

Protesters not sold on Noront’s consultation process, new technology

“Groups of environmentally concerned citizens gathered in the Twin Soos Saturday afternoon for coordinated rallies to protest Noront’s planned ferrochrome production facility for Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. “I know of people in Marquette, all over the state of Michigan, who are concerned about the building of this facility,” said James McCall, Sault Michigan resident, speaking to SooToday. About 20 protesters gathered at the corner of Ashmun Street and Portage Avenue at 1 p.m., intending to stay at that location until 6 p.m., the group including professional environmentalists and members of the Sault Tribe of Chippewa Indians.” Read more here…

November 23, 2019 (CTV News: Northern Ontario):

Protests over Sault Ste. Marie ferrochrome smelter continue

“Ever since it was announced that Sault Ste. Marie was going to be the host city for Noront Resources’ ferrochrome smelter, citizens have been divided. Some see the benefits of high paying jobs while others worry about health risks. In the past couple of months, people have been protesting the smelter. Across the river, Americans in Sault Michigan joined in and held their first protest against the decision. “I don’t like the fact that our next generation won’t be able to voice their opinions,” said Sara Weber, a protestor.” Read more here…

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