Ring of Fire Updates Weekly News Roundup

July 7-13, 2020 : Weekly News Roundup

This week a beautiful piece of investigative journalism was published exploring the specific risks that developments in the Ring of Fire pose to the peatland ecosystem in the James Bay region. It’s well worth a read!

July 11, 2020 (The Narwhal):

‘The battle for the breathing lands’: Ontario’s Ring of Fire and the fate of its carbon-rich peatlands

Northern Ontario’s muskeg serves as home to dozens of First Nations, stores immense amounts of carbon and sits on top of vast mineral deposits. Whose vision for the bogs and fens will win out?

“Compared to the Amazon or Great Bear Rainforest, the sprawling peatlands of Ontario’s Far North might seem a bit, well, boring.

“People don’t wake up and go ‘oh yeah, woohoo, decomposing organic material is the best!’ says Anna Baggio, the director of conservation planning for Wildlands League, in an interview with The Narwhal. “It’s not sexy. But it’s hugely valuable and we can’t even begin to get our heads around it.”

It’s true: Ontario’s peatlands — or muskeg, as the wetland ecosystem is often called — offer a mind-boggling range of ecological benefits.” Read more here…

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