Ring of Fire Updates Weekly News Roundup

April 11-17, 2023 : Weekly News Roundup

This week an article in Northern Ontario Business highlights the politicization of the permitting process and shares industry and impacted community critiques of the proposed updates to the mining act. The article focuses on failures of the duty to consult and the ways that the proposed updates might further entrench these failures, and additionally concerns that mining projects could begin without full environmental baseline studies. The ‘erasure’ of the mines rehabilitation director was another concern. The focus of the media this week was primarily on a new book by Virginia Heffernan that focuses on the history of the Ring of Fire development, an excerpt can be found below.

April 13th, 2023 (Northern Miner)

The first book on Ontario’s Ring of Fire sees a happy ending for contentious development

“While Heffernan’s book traces the origin of past and current conflicts that potential development of the region has spawned — from the Indian Act to the political miscalculations of Ontario politicians — she ultimately is optimistic that development in the region will move forward. But it will have to be in an environmentally responsible way that Indigenous communities will benefit from and have a hand in monitoring.”

April 13th, 2023 (Northern Miner)

Book excerpt: How the sparks of conflict in Ontario’s Ring of Fire set alight

“Dalton McGuinty was Ontario premier in 2007 when the Ring of Fire was discovered. At the time, the courts were starting to consistently side with First Nations across Canada over the right to be consulted about development on their traditional lands. The province was clumsily playing catch-up.” Read more here…

April 11th, 2023 (CIM Magazine)

A light onto the Ring of Fire

Virginia Heffernan’s book is an essential and engaging guidebook to the mining industry

“The story of the discovery, the origins of the Ring of Fire name, the silver-tongued promoters baiting the hook all were a compelling introduction to the mining world. Equally fascinating and puzzling was seeing all the momentum of that modern-day rush be lost.” Read more here…

April 10th, 2023 (Northern Ontario Business)

Opponents to Mining Act changes accuse government of ‘politicizing’ the permitting process

Neskantaga chief will only meet with Premier Doug Ford to discuss the Ring of Fire

“Moonias insists that any activity that occurs on their lands must have Neskantaga’s free, prior and informed consent.

Proper consultation and accommodation, he said, happens “in the community, with the people” and that obligation is on the Ontario government, beginning with the premier. To date, he said, Ontario has not offered anything.” Read more here…

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