Weekly News Roundup

May 17-23, 2022: Weekly News Roundup

The Alberta Court of Appeal made a non-binding decision that the 2019 Impact Assessment Act (IAA) us unconstitutional. The Calgary-based Indian Resource Council, which represents First Nations involved in the oil and gas industry, said the IAA would limit their economic participation and that it violates Aboriginal and treaty rights. 

May 16, 2022 (Northern Ontario Business):

Ottawa’s Ring of Fire assessment process declared unconstitutional by Alberta court

Pro-oilsands First Nations calls non-binding decision a ‘victory for Indigenous rights’

“The federal environmental assessment was declared unconstitutional by an Alberta court. And an Indigenous business organization in that province is “gratified” with the opinion.

Alberta’s Court of Appeal handed down a non-binding decision on May 10 that the Impact Assessment Act (IAA) is “legislative creep” that threatens the division of power between the federal and provincial government guaranteed in the Constitution.” Read more here . . .

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