Ring of Fire Updates systemic issue Weekly News Roundup

May24-30, 2022 : Weekly News Roundup

There wasn’t much news coverage on the Ring of Fire this week but an important piece was released on the CBC about Wyloo Metal’s owner, Andrew Forrest’s track record with Indigenous communities in Australia. The article describes how the company he formerly headed has a patronizing, divisive, and dismissive approach to Indigenous land rights. The article also demonstrates similarities between the Canadian and Australian colonial governments’ track record of ignoring Indigenous voices and therefore incentivizing deal-making.

May 25, 2022 (CBC):

Australian owner of major Ring of Fire deposits brings big promises, controversial reputation

Mining mogul touts experience with Indigenous people in Australia as company takes stake in Ontario

The Australian owner of the company that now holds the largest mining stake in the Ring of Fire in northwestern Ontario has a controversial reputation stemming from business dealings with Indigenous people in his homeland. Read more here…

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