Ring of Fire Updates Weekly News Roundup

May 16-23, 2023: Weekly News Roundup

This week, Premier Doug Ford’s commitment to ‘building the Ring of Fire’ generated criticism in the legislature from the NDP. MPP Sol Mamakwa stating during Question Period: “If First Nations come to a consensus that they do not want mining in their territories, then that needs to be respected.” Meanwhile, the federal government proposed to advance up to $40 million in new funding for the Ring of Fire. Natural Resources Minister Wilkinson said in a letter to Ontario’s Minister of Mines, George Pirie, that Canada is prepared to advance the funds to conduct feasibility and sustainability initiatives and other pre-development work. Wilkinson also proposed setting up a working group between federal and provincial ministers to “formalize and advance dialogues on the feasibility and sustainability of opportunities” in the Ring of Fire.

May 19, 2023 (The Globe and Mail)

Federal government pledges new funding for Ring of Fire and proposes working group with Ontario

The federal government is proposing to advance up to $40-million in new funding for Ontario’s Ring of Fire, in an effort to boost development in one of the highest profile critical-minerals projects in the country. Read more here…

May 16, 2023 (Northern Ontario Business)

Premier’s pledge to ‘build’ the Ring of Fire questioned at Queen’s Park

Minister Greg Rickford accused MPP Sol Mamakwa of pitting communities against each other

Premier Doug Ford’s recent commitment to ‘building the Ring of Fire’ generated criticism in the legislature May 15 from the NDP. Read more here…

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