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May 23-29, 2023 : Weekly News Roundup

This week the majority of the media stories focused on the ‘Northern Road Link Project’ undergoing federal assessment. The impact assessment for the Ring of Fire has been reset after Steven Guilbeault did not sign off on the terms of reference. There will be funding to participate, in the assessment with applications due by June 23rd. The chief of Fort Albany First Nation spoke out in response to the assessment sharing concerns that the Albany River watershed has not been adequately considered in the Norther Road Link Project. Meanwhile, Wyloo CEO, Andrew Forrest sent a letter to Prime Minister Trudeau outlining concerns with the process and threatening withdrawal if the process was not sped up. Ring of Fire Metals (Wyloo subsidiary) hired a new CEO who says “his Indigenous roots affords him a unique understanding around the sensitivities and inflamed passions of some communities”.

May 29 2023 (Northern Ontario Business)

Feds call for assessment of Ring of Fire road link

Fort Albany raises questions, concerns about downstream impacts of Far North road building and mining activity

“In the letter, [Fort Albany Chief Elizabeth] Kataquapit said mining development in a “highly ecologically significant” area like the Ring of Fire could be “devastating” to the ecosystem, wildlife and contribute to climate change. A road would allow for increased access by forestry, oil and gas interests, and more commercial and recreational hunting and fishing, she wrote.”

May 26 2023 (Northern Ontario Business)

Indigenous Leaders: Kristan Straub looks to find common ground in the Ring of Fire

New Ring of Fire Metals boss brings an Indigenous perspective and project smarts to advance Far North mine

“Dialogue and transparency. Those words have served Kristan Straub well over his 22-year career with Glencore and the postings that have sent him across Canada and around the globe.”

May 26 2023 (National Observer)

Road to Ontario’s Ring of Fire will undergo federal environmental assessment

“The federal Impact Assessment Agency (IAA) this week said an assessment was necessary for the Northern Road Link Project because of possible “adverse effects within federal jurisdiction, including potential effects on fish and fish habitat, migratory birds, and changes to the health, social, and economic conditions of Indigenous peoples.”” Read more here…

May 25 2023 (Northern Ontario Business)

Ottawa resetting the Ring of Fire assessment process

Impact Assessment Agency asks for public input on new and improved Regional Assessment

“Ottawa is going back to the drawing board to sketch out a new plan for the federal Regional Assessment process in the Ring of Fire. The Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (IACC) released details this week on how stakeholders can participate in the terms of reference process that will assess the cumulative impacts of industrial development in Ontario’s Far North.” Read more here…

May 24 2023 (Newswire)

Regional Assessment in the Ring of Fire Area – Participant Funding Available for Ongoing Planning Activities

“The Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (the Agency) is partnering with Indigenous groups located in northern Ontario to co-lead the Regional Assessment in the Ring of Fire Area… After meeting with Indigenous leaders in early 2023, the Agency and Indigenous representatives are now co-developing the draft Terms of Reference for the conduct of this co-led regional assessment. Funding is available to assist eligible individuals and groups to provide input into the development of the draft Terms of Reference, as well as provide comments on the document once available.” Read more here…

May 24, 2023 (The Globe and Mail)

Ring of Fire project at risk due to red tape and cumbersome consultation process, billionaire owner says

“Andrew Forrest, the Australian billionaire owner of the most promising mining assets in Ontario’s Ring of Fire region, says the viability of the critical minerals project is at risk because of Canada’s regulatory burden, its cumbersome consultation process and persistent delays in building crucial infrastructure.” Read more here…

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