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July 4-10, 2023 : Weekly News Roundup

This week the media highlighted the many issues at hand with building an all season road in order to extract minerals in Northern Ontario. A number of Treaty 9 First Nations recently filed a lawsuit against Ontario and Ottawa around their negligence of their duty to consult. An article in Global News suggests that this will likely lead to a lengthy legal battle. In the Toronto Star, Doug Ford’s frustration with the process of building infrastructure projects is highlighted. Ford believes that, although multiple nations have not been consulted at all, these processes are taking too long.

July 8th 2023, Global News

Battles brewing as Ontario, Canada push Ring of Fire mining to boost EV plan

“The lawyer representing a number of First Nations communities opposed to the Ford government’s plans for the Ring of Fire is cautioning that the province’s long-term electric vehicle battery manufacturing strategy might be a “fool’s errand.”” Read more here…

July 9th 2023, Toronto Star

‘Shovels in the ground faster’: Frustrated by long delays, Doug Ford plans to push other premiers to support better co-ordination with Ottawa for big infrastructure projects

Frustrated in particular by the decade-plus of delays to the Ring of Fire critical mineral project in northern Ontario Ford is hoping to get the country’s 12 other provincial and territorial leaders on side at the Council of the Federation.

“Ottawa needs to work with provinces so that big infrastructure projects can get going faster, says Premier Doug Ford in what will be his main push as he heads to the annual summer meeting of provincial and territorial leaders.” Read More here…

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